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  • Duck & Penguin Do Not Like Sleepovers

    A hilarious bedtime romp tackles the thrills and anxieties of sleeping over

    Duck and Penguin do not like sleepovers, despite what their owners, Betty and Maud, might have you think. They do not like snuggly sleeping bags, they do not like super-soft pillows, and they ESPECIALLY do NOT like being extra cozy together in a teeny weeny tiny tent! But when Betty and Maud abandon Duck and Penguin outside, Duck and Penguin have no choice but to stick together. The dark outside is full of strange noises, after all, and they have the oddest feeling that…something…is watching them.

    This companion to Duck & Penguin are NOT Friends is a laugh-out-loud tale about the secret world of toys from author-illustrator Julia Woolf. With a relatable topic and hilarious illustrations it’s sure to have children begging for multiple reads.