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    We have had interest in student library volunteers this year. McCone County Library has created a program to accommodate local students who have an interest in our library.  Here are the prerequisites to be considered for our volunteer program.

    Any student who has will be enrolled in middle school or high school next year is eligible to volunteer with our library.

    We will have a maximum of ten slots available for summer volunteers.

    All volunteers must have a parent or guardian meet with the library director and sign a volunteer agreement.  This agreement will spell out the specific types of duties as student may be assigned and those that will not be included and the number of hours per week that they will volunteer as well as spell out any other rules for volunteering.

    Special projects will be assigned to each volunteer to make their summer a little more fun. These will be discussed at the meeting with the library director.

    Forms for volunteers are attached to this page and available with Mrs. Hubing at the school or at McCone County Library.

    The Library Director will keep track of any volunteer hours and report them to the school or organization so that proper credit is received.

    Volunteer Contract for George McCone Memorial County Library

    Volunteer Name _____________________________              Date ______________________

    The named student has agreed to volunteer at McCone County Library from ______________ until ______________.  The volunteer will commit ______ hours per week (not to exceed 5 hours) with a schedule to be determined by the Library Director in consultation with ______________________ (parent or guardian) of ________________________(volunteer).  The schedule will be laid out on the attached blank calendar pages.

    The types of duties asked of the volunteer will vary, but may include:

    Alphabetizing or organizing sections.

    Cataloguing book and prepping them for checkout.

    Assisting in completing the yearly library inventory.

    Assisting with summer reading activities.

    Checking in, cleaning.  and reshelving books and other library materials.

    Assisting in creating library displays and possibly bulletin boards.

    The duties of a volunteer will not include:

    Cash Handling.

    Checking out library materials to patrons other than the volunteer or library staff.

    Activities that may require special tools like a tall ladder, hammer, chemicals, etc.  or any potentially dangerous task.

    Non-educational work will be limited in scope.  There may some light cleaning, but that will not be the majority of the tasks nor the focus of the experience.

    This volunteer position is a job.  It is expected that the volunteer will show up on time when scheduled, work diligently during their shift, and check out with the staff on duty before leaving the building.  Volunteers will always behave in a professional manner and will refrain from disruptive or vulgar behavior that could make other library patrons uncomfortable, Volunteers will dress in appropriate attire with closed toed shoes.  The volunteer agrees to work the hours that they commit to with the exception of emergency or illness.  Upon successful completion of the summer volunteer shift the Library Director will provide documentation to the school of the hours and duties completed for scholarships or required volunteer hours.  The Library Director may elect to extend the volunteer position into the school year if both parties are agreeable. The Library Director may terminate this agreement at any time if the volunteer fails to follow the stipulations set forth in this agreement.

    Volunteer___________________________________________ Date _______________________________________

    Parent/Guardian_____________________________________ Date________________________________________

    Library Director ______________________________________Date________________________________________

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