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  • The Wild and Wooly World of Electricity

    Join us on Saturday, March 5th, for Library Saturday. We will have storytime at 11 am and learn about opera with Opera Cat and Encore Opera Cat! By the end of storytime you will be singing at least as well as your neighborhood cat. At 2 pm we will explore the wild and wooly world of electricity by constructing machines and circuits out of littlebits and SnapCircuits! Littlebits allow children to assemble machines by connecting small parts like fans, dimmer switches, LED lights, and batteries. Snapcircuits allows children to create electrical circuits using components that snap together like speakers, jumper cabling, batteries, and lights. As always we have great movies, blind date with a book, board games, and more! I cannot wait to see your smiling faces and hope you will join me at the library for a fun filled Saturday.

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