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  • Blind Date With A Book Is Back!

    Blind Date With A Book is back for it’s third annual run at McCone County Library.  Our Library staff has selected a variety of books that we are excited to have you read. Most, but not all of these books, were purchased within the last year or so. These books are wrapped up incognito with a tag containing a basic category and a vague description.  Choose a book, or a few, based on what topics interest you and head home to a truly unique experience.  This year we are letting patrons submit titles as well.  Find a book on our shelves that you love, fill out a tag, and we will wrap it up for you! Share your hot dates on our website at www.mcconecountylibrary.org or on our Facebook page.  Challenge you friends and family to catch the spirit.   Blind Date With A Book starts February 4th and runs until March.  It’s the perfect way to battle those winter doldrums! Due to grant funding we were able to purchase more books than people could keep track of and this is a great way to hunt down the ones that fell through the cracks!

    My challenge to you is: Be Adventurous. Swing for the bleachers. Is there a genre of book you usually avoid? Dive in. Do you read primarily e-books?  Give blind date a try.  It’s something you absolutely cannot get digitally. Are you in a reading doldrum and haven’t found anything good to read for ages?  Try a teen book.  They are fast paced, well edited, and thirty years ago would more than likely have been classified as adult books.  Kids chapter books are always a fun way to lose yourself for an hour or two and be a kid again.  Bring the whole family and go on you blind dates together.  Nothing excites small children like unwrapping a mystery package!  My personal favorite genre is fantasy.  Give me a dragon, a wizard, or an unpronounceable monster and I am all in, but so many people shy away from a genre that is designed at its heart to be entertaining.  I find myself perplexed by this and cannot wait for more people to take the fantasy/science fiction plunge!  I promise it will be worth it!!!  Even non-fiction readers have books to choose from.  If you are a lifelong learner then our non-fiction selections are for you. 

    Book categories include Fiction, Historical Fiction. Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult, Young Reader, Picture Book, Romance, and Non-Fiction. 

    All ages can participate and all that is needed is a library card and an adventurous spirit.

    I wish you something great to read… a book that can turn you into a person who reads for pleasure.  I am excited to see new and returning faces in our library discovering the love of a good book, or an excellent movie, and exciting board game, or checking out the progress we are making with our two new collections (music and STEM). Hopefully the items from those collections will arrive soon and we can have a grand debut and begin loaning out all kinds of items.  We look forward to seeing you in the library.

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