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  • Summer Reading is Back!

    Summer Reading Is Back – This year’s theme is Tails and Tales.

    Summer Reading starts Tuesday, June 1st and runs through Tuesday 29th.

    Each Tuesday we will have separate activities for pre or early reader and school age levels. As parents or caregivers you have the flexibility to send your child to whichever activity you think would best suit them and their temperament.  The morning group will feature short stories, simple games, and easy crafts that need little focus and follow through.  The pm group will feature chapters from lengthy books, more complicated games, and activities that will need independent focus and week to week follow through. Please keep this in mind when selecting an activity for your child.  Children under 3 may struggle with our summer reading as they are often unable to focus on crafts or sit still during story times. Very young children are always welcome at the library, but the nature of the activities and the attention span needed may make very young children frustrated and unhappy.

    Ages 3-6  (our early or pre-readers) will have their activities from 10 am until 11:30am. 

    We will feature outdoor games, crafts, story time and a snack.  Listed below is the schedule for our morning group. 

    Tuesday June 1st – We will feature Montana animals this week.  We will listen to stories featuring a moose, a mouse, a pig, and a bat.  We will be making our own animals out of salt dough.

    Tuesday June 8th– We will feature stories about birds.  We will create artistic masterpieces out of sand.

    Tuesday June 15th – We will feature stories about fish and ocean life.  We will make our own bookmarks!

    Tuesday June 22nd – We will feature stories about pets.  Bring a picture of your pet this week and we will help transform it into a card for someone that you love!

    Tuesday June 29th – We will feature stories about animals of the world. Come with your imagination because your craft today will be to design your own animal!

    Ages 7-12 (our school aged readers) will have their activities from 3pm – 4:30pm.

    Their story times will feature chapter from the books:                    Gangsta Granny by David Walliams     

                                                                     Charlie Hernandez & the League of Shadows by Ryan Calejo

    They will work on one or two lengthy crafts for the six weeks.  They will be building a birdhouse and also completing some smaller arts and crafts.

    Both ages will be provided time during the activities to explore the library and find books, board games, or movies to check out.

    The library will also be testing weekend hours most every Saturday this summer.  The hours for the library on Saturdays will be 10 am to 4pm.  We will not reduce any of the other library operating hours.  These Saturday hours will be in addition to our normal hours of operation. 

    There will be additional activities for summer reading on Saturdays.  People of all ages are encouraged to visit the library.  There will be a story time at 11 am and we will feature board game demonstrations every Saturday afternoon from 2- 3:30pm.

    You can sign up for summer reading using the from below or in person at the library. Signing up ensures that we have the supplies necessary to ensure that all children can participate in that day’s craft.

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