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    Starting on May 17th, McCone County Library cardholders will be able to borrow board games from the library. Due to a generous grant from the Montana Children’s Trust Fund, we were able to secure well over 100 games. These games will have a lending period of one week. Cardholders will be able to place holds on games through our website or by calling the library. Renewal of games may depend on how many holds are outstanding on a particular game. Games were chosen in many different categories to appeal to a wide variety of library patrons. We have games for people pf every age and interest. If you have questions about any of the games, contact Mary at the library.

    Listed below are the current collection of games organized by category:

    Games for Pre-KFamiliy GamesParty GamesEducational GamesStrategy GamesClassic Games
    Acorn SoupApples to ApplesCards Against HumanityArticulate221b Baker StreetBackgammon
    Animals matching gameArticulateCards Against Humanity blue boxBananagramsArkham HorrorBig Boggle Classic
    Button Button Belly ButtonBattleshipCards Against Humanity FamilyDon’t Quote MeAzul2 waterproof card  decks
    Dinosaur BingoBlockbuster GameCards Against Humanity red boxDouble Bananagrams (more tiles to play with more people)Betrayal at House on the HillHoyles Rules of Games
    Dinosaur Matching GameCandylandCards Against Humanity green boxEscape Room in a BoxCarcassoneCheckers/Chess
    First 100 AlphabetChutes & LaddersDisturbed FriendsEscape the Room Dr GravelyCatanClue Classic Edition
    First 100 AnimalsDisney VillainousExploding KittensGame of the StatesCatan Extension (so you play with up to 6 people)Family Feud 40th Anniversary Edition
    First 100 WordsMind the GapMurder Mystery taste for wine and murderJeopardy TravelChoose Your Own AdventureFarkle Dice Cup
    Go FishRummikubNever Have I Ever Laser Maze  CodenamesFoldable Cribbage Board with cards
    Hungry Hungry HipposScrabble SlamSuperfightNational Geographic Brain GamesDeadwood 1876Jenga
    I Spy TravelSequenceSuperfight 80″s deckNo Stress ChessDominionMahjong 
    Jungle Bowling PinsSorrySuperfight orange deckPaperbackDune ImperiumMexican Train Dominoes
    Monkey AroundTelestrationsSushi Go PartyRush HourForbiddden IslandMonopoly Classic
    Mouse Trap The Floor Is LavaTaco Cat Goat Cheese PizzaSimple Math BingoHiveParcheesi
    Nibble Crunch MunchTravel BingoUnstable UnicornsTangramsJawsRisk 1959
    Old MaidUno  50th AnniversaryWhat Do You Meme tiktok editionTrivial PursuitKing of TokyoScattergories
    Princess Matching GameGuess WhoStupid DeathsHalf TruthLord of the Rings Quest to Mount DoomScrabble Classic
    SnapPop Up TroubleMunchkin Crazy CooksYahtzee
    Sneaky Snacky SquirrelQwirkleMunchkin DeluxeChess Set
    Spot ItWhat Do You Meme family editionMunchkin Shakespeare
    Spot it Animal BingoThrow Throw BurritoMysterium
    Trucks match up game and puzzleOne Night Werewolf
    Zimbos Elephantastic Pyramid GamePandemic
    Yeti in My SpaghettiStar Wars Outer Rim
    Ticket to Ride
    Unsolved Case Files (a fake case file where you solve a fictional murder)
    Imhotep the Duel

    If you are wondering what more than 100 games looks like:

    A Big ol’ Mountain of Games

    Just for a frame of reference, those shelves at the back of the picture are 5 feet tall. There are so many games from which to choose. Do you like fun with your family? Parcheesi, Sorry, Family Feud, and Scattergories are for you. Do you want to have a fun evening with your friends while consuming adult beverages? Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, Disturbing Friends and Never Have I Ever are just your thing. Are you a parent or grandparent of a small child? Acorn Soup, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Button Button Belly Button, and Jungle Animal Bowling are great ways to while away an afternoon. Do you yearn to throw food at your family? Throw Throw Burrito was created just for you. Are you an avid birdwatcher? Why Wingspan is your game. A hardcore tabletop gamer who needs nothing more than a few good friends, a messy basement and a small mountain of snacks? Dune Imperium, Mysterium, Star Wars Outer Rim, and Lord of the Rings the Quest for Mount Doom all have your name on them. But what about the games I played when I was younger? Clue, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Mahjong, and Cribbage are waiting just for you. Fans of trivia will find their matches in Trivial Pursuit, Don’t Quote Me, National Geographic Brain Games, Half Truth, and Mind the Gap (a fiendish game that has different card decks for different ages so everyone feels smart). A quick glance at the list above will give you an idea of the depth and breadth of this collection.

    A few other exciting events are happening at the library that will enable more McCone County residents to be able to use the library. We will be testing special Saturday hours. These hours will start June 5th and run through August 14th. The hours for Saturday will be 10 am to 4 pm. The results of this special test will determine any future changes to library hours in the future. We hope that three months of data will give us a good idea of whether or not changes in the library hours are needed on a more permanent basis.

    Summer Reading is coming in June. It will be in person. We will have storytimes, games, crafts, and activities every Tuesday in June. We will also have extra activities on Saturdays like board game demonstrations and extra storytimes. We will also offer some incentives for kids and adults who read at the library regularly over the summer. Another blog post will follow with more specifics on our plans for summer reading. Until then we wish you lots of fun and something great to read.

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