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  • Our Collection of Books About Civics and American History Is Available for Viewing!

    Starting today April 1st until April 16th our new collection of Civics and American History Books is available for viewing.  We encourage all McCone County residents (whether you have visited the library before or not) to stop by the library and look at the new arrivals.  These books are grouped by topic in displays throughout the library.  We have so many exciting choices for readers of all ages. 

    Did you have questions during the last election about the Electoral College?  I know I did and now we have a book about it.  Do you know someone who is a first-time voter or are you a first-time voter?  Do you have questions about the process and how to be an active citizen?  We have several books for that.  We even have books for future voters.  We have books for pre-school, elementary school, and even a book for babies about voting.  You did read that correctly… babies, and it is super cute!  We have books about the history you were not taught in school, the history you may have forgotten, and hidden histories that have been lost until now.  Do you just need a good laugh after the year that we have had?  Try Sarah Vowell.  She is from Missoula, wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine, and now writes quirky essays about her obsession with really specific bits of history … like presidential assassinations, Plymouth Rock, and General Lafayette.

    If a book interests you, we can place a hold on it so that you can be one of the first to check it out.  You can call us at the library, contact us on Facebook, or visit our website at www.mcconecountylibrary.org.

    These books were provided through an LTC grant in conjunction with the American Library Association and the Association of Rural and Small Libraries.  In addition to this grant, we will be hosting Rep. Jerry Schillinger in our library on Thursday May 13th at 7pm.  He will be discussing the latest legislative session and answering questions from his constituents.

    I hope that this new selection of books interests you and that you find something great to read. See you at the library!

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