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  • Second Annual Blind Date with a Book is Live!

    Come visit the library to check out Blind Date with a Book.  Books have been carefully selected by Mary, Diana, and Peggy for a variety of different ages and many different topics.

    Each color-coded tag lists an approximate reading level (if needed) or category.  Listed on the tag are some facts to help you choose the book that seems right for you.  Once you check out the book on your library card, you unwrap and start your adventure.  Everyone, even preschoolers, are invited to participate.  We hope that everyone finds their way to the library to not only pick up a blind date book, but maybe a little something extra as well.

    Due to quarantine restrictions, books will only go out once, so please comment on the post below to let us know what your experience was like and to ensure other readers in the county discover the books you really liked.

    Blind date with a book will run until April, which ensures that everyone has plenty of opportunities to discover a new favorite author or genre.

    As always, we wish you a comfy chair, a delicious snack, and a good book like a visit from an old friend.

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