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  • Must Have Apps for Readers

    Are you attached to your phone?  Did you know that with two simple apps you can access thousands of items from the Montana Shared Catalog and Montana Library 2 Go?  Have I got a deal for you!  Both apps are available in the play store on google as well as on the apple store for free.

    With the Libby app (or Overdrive app) you can access thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines for free by entering in our zip code and your library card number.  The process of registering the app takes less than a minute and downloading items starts immediately.  In less than five minutes I was able to download a history magazine about the Trojan war, an Ina Garten cookbook, and a Stephen King audio.  Each item has a loan period of 14 days during which you can read or listen as many times as you want in that time.  On day 14 the file just shuts off, so no need to make a return trip.  The app does it all for you.  One caveat, if an item is new and extremely popular there may be quite a hold as many publishers only allow the purchase of one copy of each item.  Do not panic if you see that you are number 342 in the que.  Place your hold anyway.  Let us know at the library that you are interested in that title.  If we get enough requests, we may purchase a physical copy for our library.  I recommend having a list of older titles that you have been waiting to read to get started.  If you are using a Kindle, you can even select a special file format on Libby that will enable you to read it on the device of your choosing.

    With the MSC app you can check any title, subject, or author in our library.  You can place holds through the app for popular items – like that new CJ Box that is coming in March.  We will be notified in the library and it will prompt us to pull the title and hold it for you at the checkout desk.  It will even tell you what number you are in the que so that you know your wait time.  If we do not have a copy of this title, it will tell you which libraries in the Montana Shared Catalog have a copy on their shelves.  It does not guarantee that they will lend us their copy, but at least gives us a jumping off point.  I particularly like the subject search.  I was able to search as specific as Ancient Roman Historical Fiction and it was able to do a fairly accurate rendering of the items in our library that fir that category. 

    As always, if you have technical questions about how to download any of these free apps, register them, and access e-books, digital audiobooks, or e-magazines, Mary is always able to answer questions at the library.  You can contact us by phone, Facebook, or message us through the website.

    I wish you something good to read and a quiet comfortable space to enjoy your book and a nice cup of tea or cocoa.

    Here is the link for Libby: /https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby/

    Here is the link for MSC: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.sol.MTSC or https://apps.apple.com/tz/app/montana-shared-catalog/id1539429817

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