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  • Blind Date with a Book Returns

    Are you dying for a great read?  Have you been stuck in a reading rut?  Do you wish that you had the time or inclination to read more, but do not know where to start?  Are you an avid reader and self-proclaimed book nerd?  Have I got great news for you!  Back by popular demand is our Blind Date with a Book.  We are expanding the selection this year to include all ages.  I feel a little like Oprah … ‘You get a book!  You get a book!  Everybody gets a book!”

    How Blind Date with a Book works:

    Starting on February 14th, a selection of books divided by reading level (for children) and topic (for adults) will be displayed throughout the library.  The books will be covered with butcher paper and a tag featuring clues about the book will be attached.  You choose a few books that interest you and meet your blind date.   We will have specific tags for historical fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy/adventure, non-fiction, fiction, children’s books ages 3-6, children’s books ages 7-12, and 13 +.  Each will be a different color to make it easy if you have a genre you absolutely love/loathe, but do not let that stop you for exploring something new.

    Like most blind dates it could be good, bad, or meh, but it will be something new and just a little bit daring.

    When you have finished reading your book, feel free to leave a review by commenting on this post on Facebook or on the blogpost on the website.  Your reviews will let fellow library patrons find something great to read.  Who knows, you might just find that great new author that reignites your reading mojo!

    Blind Date with a Book Starts February 14th!

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