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  • McCone County Library Receives Grant

    More good new for our library!  We are the lucky recipients of a $3000 grant to host a number of discussions on civics and American History and to purchase a collection of civics and American History books for children, teens, and adults to support these efforts.  This was a very competitive grant awarded by the American Library Association in partnership with the Association of Rural and Small Libraries. The Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries grant supports libraries with funds and training to assist in community outreach.

    The bulk of the grant will be spent on a collection of books that will be available for anyone to borrow.  They will range from books explaining how various parts of the government work together, to biographies of important people in American History, to books about the history of our country.  This collection is being curated now and will be available for borrowing a little closer to spring. We will also be purchasing a business Zoom license to help in hosting our events in a socially distanced way and featuring several topics of interest to the community. 

    I am very excited to share this news with you and even more excited to spend the coming months discussing civics and history as a community. 

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